TFT Safety Recall

We at NTI have discovered a potential issue with the secureness of a grommet seal inside selected Tft boilers. While the likelihood of failure of this component is extremely small, the safe and efficient operation of our NTI boilers is our highest priority.

We have developed an Upgrade Kit to correct the issue, and have initiated this Recall Action to ensure that all Tft boilers will be upgraded. The Grommet Seal in question can be found inside the affected boilers (see Before picture) and the recall upgrade requires installation of a band to secure the grommet (see After picture)





Immediate Action for Homeowners or Residents

  1. Please determine if you have one of the following NTI Trinity Tft boiler models (see table). The model number can be found on the top right hand side of the boiler.
    Model and
        Serial Number location

    Location of the Model and Serial Number on a Tft boiler.

    Model UPC
    Tft60 628233731005
    Tft85 628233731036
    Tft110 628233731067
    Tft155 628233731098
    Tft175 628233731128
    Tft200 628233731159
    Tft250 628233731180
    Tft300 628233731210
    Tft340 628233733467
    Tft399 628233731241
  2. If you do not have a functional carbon monoxide detector, immediately discontinue the use of the Tft boiler until the upgrade is complete, or obtain a carbon monoxide detector and install it per the User Information Manual for the Tft Series boiler.
  3. Immediately contact the Installer of your boiler, and schedule an “NTI Tft Grommet Seal Upgrade”. The Upgrade Kit’s instructions include a reimbursement form, whereby the Installer will be paid directly by NTI for upgrading the Tft boiler.
  4. If you do not have a record of your installer, immediately contact a local Plumbing & Heating Contractor and have them contact NTI at 1-800-688-2575 to obtain the Upgrade Kit. Unfortunately, due to liability issues, we are unable to send Upgrade Kits directly to homeowners; it must be installed by a qualified Heating Technician.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact NTI at 1-800-688-2575

Immediate Action for Contractors

  1. The Upgrade Kit (Part No. 86118) contains all the necessary material to completely and safely upgrade the Tft boiler.
  2. If you require any additional kits, or have any questions, please contact NTI at 1-800-688-2575.

Reimbursement Form

If you are an Installer and have made NTI Tft Grommet Seal Upgrades, please submit your payment data.

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