Spring 2024 Contractor Rebate

Q) I bought a boiler before the start of the promotion, can I use that to redeem for the promotion?
A) The rebate applies to units purchased between April 1st to June 1st, 2024. It does not apply to units purchased outside of that period.
Q) I have purchased a/some NTI unit(s), now what do I do?
A) Visit our website at ntiboilers.com/promotions to find details on the promotion, including our online redemption form. There you can submit your invoices and fill out our online redemption form.
Q) I bought a unit that is not on the list of eligible models for this rebate. Can the rebate apply to that model as well?
A) This program is specific to a certain set of models and applies only to those models. Only the models on the list are eligible for the rebate.
Q) How long will it take to receive my item once I have submitted my form?
A) Please allow up to eight weeks for processing and delivery of the rebate, although we expect it to be delivered much sooner than that.
Q) I only have a Post Office Box for an address. Can you deliver to a PO Box?
A) The Amazon Gift Cards will be in electronic form, so will be sent to the email address provided on the redemption form.
Q) Will the items received be exactly what is shown on the promotional material?
A) This contractor rebate is delivered in the form of an electronic Amazon gift card. All redemptions will receive the same item.
Q) How long do I have after the end of the promotion to submit my form to redeem items?
A) All redemptions must be received by July 31st, 2024. This date provides eight weeks after the end of the promotion period to gather and submit the required information, which should provide ample time to allow you to maximize the value of your NTI purchases during the promotion.
Q) Can I request to have the items shown substituted for other items I would rather have?
A) The item listed for redemption in this program is the only item available. No substitutions are available for this program.
Q) I do not really need any of the items you are offering for the promotion, can you just give me a discount on a boiler for the value of the items instead?
A) The item listed for redemption in this program is the only item available. No substitutions are available for this program.
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Spring 2024 Contractor Rebate

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