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The Vmax

Max Input: 154,000 BTU/H Available in a Plus version with built-in indirect water heater.

  • Built-in loop and pump
  • Field Convertible gas system
  • Universal vent connections
  • Up to 10:1 Turndown ratio
  • Cascading capable

The Vmax uses a stainless steel down-fired heat exchanger which ensures a long product life and an enduring source of home comfort. The fire tube heat exchanger optimizes heat transfer, which maximizes efficiencies.

Maximum VALUE

The Vmax includes a built-in primary loop, circulator and high-energy spark ignition as standard features. The Vmax is competitively priced, which makes it unmatched in the industry.


The Vmax features universal flue connections and is easily converted from natural gas to propane. The Vmax is available in a PLUS version and is engineered to make installation, setup and service easy.

Boiler Features:

  • Fully Modulating burner with up to 10:1 turn-down ratio
  • High-energy spark ignition
  • Zero clearance to combustibles
  • Advanced integrated control
  • Low water pressure cut-off
  • Easily-programmable display
  • Field conversion from Natural Gas (factory) to Propane
  • No-glue universal vent connections
  • Water pressure sensor
  • Auto air vent
  • 120VAC outlet for condensate pump
  • On/off switch
  • Direct vent or indoor combustion air
  • Certified ANSI Z21.13

Controller Features:

  • High-limit safety control
  • Domestic hot water priority
  • Cascade up to 16 Vmax boilers
  • Service reminder
  • Night setback option
  • Lockout and error history
  • Runtime accumulation
  • Freeze protection
  • Adjustable outdoor reset
  • Optional control board expansions

Plus Features:

  • Built-in 16-gallon indirect water heater
  • Low loss header manifold (primary loop)
  • Internal primary circulator
  • Reduced boiler cycling
  • DHW tank temperature sensor
  • Quick connect components for easy service
  • Fully-integrated plumbing for easier installation

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