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Storage Tank

Endless amounts of hot water. Available in a wide range of sizes.

  • Endless hot water
  • Available in various sizes
  • Life-long operation
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Combine with a solar system

Introducing Trin & Stor With superior performance, pristine quality and ultra efficiency, Trin & Stor is the most comprehensive line of indirect water heaters and storage tanks available on the market. Innova TI ve With a hot water supply that is up to three times more than competing gas, electric or oil heaters, you get endless amounts of hot water, quickly. This means no more waiting for hot showers... and the freedom to keep up with busy lifestyles!


Since the Trin & Stor is available in a wide-range of sizes, you can rest assured knowing you always have the right product for any residential or commercial application


Trin & Stor offers the most complete line – stainless steel and stone lined constructed indirect tanks, solar tanks, and storage tanks for all your hot water applications.

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