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Our most trusted steel oil boiler for over 50 years. Compact size over a large range.

  • High capacity copper coil
  • Domestic hot water priority
  • Efficient design
  • Optional Direct venting
  • Easily serviceable

Compact design, range of sizes and special features mean versatile installation options


NTI has led the industry in boiler design for over 40 years, and all models are fully certified

Direct vent

Traditional methods of combustion venting are sometimes not an option: perhaps the old chimney needs expensive upgrades, or there is no chimney at all! Enter Direct Vent, sophisticated heating technology from NTI. Located through the basement wall (or wherever the boiler is located), the Direct Vent efficiently draws outside air through the vent terminal where it is pre-heated and used for the combustion process.

Boiler Features:

  • High efficiency operation
  • Easy servicing from the top
  • Unique design reduces stand-by losses
  • Recessed outlet eliminates air in the system
  • Stainless steel chamber liner
  • Certified for combustible floors
  • Raised coil flange eliminates leak damage to boiler shell
  • Wet leg design
  • High-capacity heat exchanger coil provides ample
  • inexpensive domestic hot water

Controller Features:

  • Outdoor reset and warm weather shutdown
  • Direct vent option
  • Certified and rated to strict industry codes and standards
  • AFUE up to 86.9%
  • Compact size

Additional Features:

  • Thermal targeting technology – utilizing thermostat activity to continuously adjust boiler temperature to the minimum requirement to meet the heating load
  • Outdoor reset and warm weather shutdown functionality (outdoor sensor included with boiler
  • Indirect compatible with built-in Domestic Hot Water priority
  • Operates burner
  • heating pump and auxiliary pump or valve
  • Easy dial set-up and dynamic display that continually displays boiler temperature
  • Thermal pre-purge
  • Built-in boost feature
  • Anti-condensation protection
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