Jobsite Spotlight: My Dear Watson Plumbing, Heating and Cooling and the GF200

The economy, as they say, is built on the back of small businesses. This article is about one such company and the way they do business, and how that way of doing business translates to success regardless of industry. My Dear Watson was founded by Gordon Gauntlett out of the ashes of the downturn of the economy years ago. Having been a plumber for 37 years, Gordon had experience in all aspects of the industry, from heating and cooling right down to the plumbing itself. For the last 10 years, he has built My Dear Watson using branding as the foundation.

The My Dear Watson brand, for Gordon, is meant to be representative of his own core values: honesty, integrity, and standing behind what is said and done. Thus, when it comes time to find equipment to use and to install that equipment, My Dear Watson strives to keep those core values in mind. The right equipment and the right materials for the right jobs done in the correct way. From top to bottom, service and parts that can be stood behind. That is how business is built because that is how relationships are built.

For businesses like My Dear Watson, the day-to-day work is not often as ordinary as it may seem. Though the processes and requirements remain the same, the logistical issues are something else entirely. To keep with the core philosophy of the company, Gordon is always visiting supply houses trying to find the right products. In the past, he had seen NTI branding around and had interest in using it, but since every project is unique, the right one had to come along before it could be implemented.

That is where the GF200 came into play. Gordon had passed the unit multiple times when visiting a supplier and was itching to find a job where it would be the right fit. Eventually that project came along. A residential home had heating and cooling systems packed into a tight area right next to the water heater. The GF200 was the perfect fit, both metaphorically and literally, being able to handle all three aspects of the job in just one unit. Space saved, time saved, and energy saved all around.
The installation was assisted by an NTI rep over the phone who reached out right when interest was shown at the supply house, his number being provided by a worker there. NTI explained what the system could do, what it would be useful for, and helped walk Gordon through the first installation. The process could not have been easier, particularly with a complex unit such as the GF200. Since installation, it has worked perfectly for the client and for My Dear Watson post-installation.

The backbone of business is relationships. Relationships are built on trust and using the best products available with the right service mind-set. That is what My Dear Watson Plumbing, Heating and Cooling and NTI do best. For more information about NTI, you can find them online at For My Dear Watson, go to