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Trinity Lx-WH

The Trinity Lx-WH Luxury features quality with superior efficiency.

  • Easy use touch screen display
  • Floor or wall-mount
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • 8:1 Turndown ratio
  • Cascading capable
Endless Hot Water

When sized correctly the Trinity Lx-WH can provide endless amounts of hot water.

Larger Capacity, Small Size

The Trinity Lx-WH has tremendous output capacity, meaning that only limited water storage is required.

Unmatched Thermal Efficiency

The Trinity Lx-WH is up to 96% efficient.

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Sales Brochure Download
Installation & Operations Manual Download
App A - Controller & Touchscreen Download
Quick Start Guide Lx150-400 Download
Protonode Guide Download
Cleaning Instructions Download
Lx200WH Suggested Specifications Download
Lx300WH Suggested Specifications Download
Lx400WH Suggested Specifications Download
Lx500WH Suggested Specifications Download
Lx600WH Suggested Specifications Download
Lx700WH Suggested Specifications Download
Lx800WH Suggested Specifications Download
Lx200WH Submittal Download
Lx300WH Submittal Download
Lx400WH Submittal Download
Lx500WH Submittal Download
Lx600WH Submittal Download
Lx700WH Submittal Download
Lx800WH Submittal Download
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BASIC Years 1 through 5 100% All parts(including Pressure Vessel) Click here for full terms and conditions
Years 6 through 10
Year 11 and beyond
Pressure Vessel only (also applies to the VM110P Indirect Fired Water Heater Tank) See here for full terms & conditions

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