by ntiadmin 12 Aug 2015

Have you experienced the advanced parts list yet? On top of its smart filtering it includes great features such as product images, replacement instructions and a custom made parts list that you can email to yourself. Click here to view the advanced parts list. 

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Showing comments form for the News module > Detail Template :

{capture name=xxx assign=sid}news_{$entry->id}{/capture}{disqus comments=$sid}

Showing the comments counter for the News module > Summary Template :

<a href="{$entry->moreurl}#disqus_thread" title='see the comments' data-disqus-identifier="news_{$entry->id}"> </a>

And don't forget to add {disqus counter='whatever'} in the bottom of your website's template

The disqus official documentation may also help you :)

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